Saturday, March 16, 2013

Eli Lately

School has been super busy lately and that is the reason why I have not posted much! This is a shame because Eli has been doing so much lately. I can't believe how grown up he is becoming. Each time he gets older the more fun I think he becomes. We always think we are having so much fun and then he gets little bit older and our smiles get a little bit bigger.

He loves to sit in his highchair and eat, eat, and eat some more. He likes to feed himself and is becoming quite independent. He will sit in his room for along time and read his books and play with his toys. If he finds a book that he wants you to read he will push it and run it into your toes until you pick it up and read it to him. He is quite persistent. He also loves to dance. It is his favorite hobby. He loves to play with his dad and laugh with him. He crawls around all the time and likes to put everything he can in his mouth. He also is becoming a bit braver and is trying to stand on his own. It is quite exciting.

As for Alex and I, well we play with Eli and go to school. That about sums up our lives. Alex is graduating this semester which is really exciting. I am looking for an internship and taking next semester for my last semester. It is exciting and sad to see our story in Rexburg coming to a close. It is also exciting to see where we will end up next!

Now for some pictures! Yes we like our baby a lot and try to capture his life as much as possible! ENJOY!

Eli wanted to help mom with her epidemiology homework

Eli loves to crawl through the bottom of the chairs and get himself stuck

This is really cute. Eli found a picture of my cousin Ella on the fridge and has carried it around for days now. Every time I take it away he throws a huge fit and starts to cry. I think we will be needing more pictures of Ella Aunt Tiffini. Eli is definitely a fan. 

Eli loves Wreck it Ralph. Thanks Stephanie and Steven for letting us borrow it. I promise we will bring it back!

See his tooth? Yeah this picture took a while to get but he has a little tooth and another one on the way. 

Eli was standing all by himself. And for a while too. We were working on homework and looked up and there he was. Just hanging out. Any day now he will be walking. Oh goodness!