Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Time of Discovery

A lot has been happening in the Hallam home recently and we are just as busy as ever. Alex is in his second to last semester and he definitely has a case of senioritis. He is working in the biology research lab for Brother Hunt and is working as a math tutor as well. Everyday he comes home he always tells me, "Chelsea, I love my jobs!" I am glad that he is happy.

I recently changed my major to Health Science and am absolutely loving my classes. They are definitely a bit more challenging, but I am loving every minute of everything that I am learning which is great. I am taking a majority of my classes online which gives me time to spend at home with my baby boy! I also have time to try new recipes all the time which is fun, this past weeks adventure was macaroni and cheese. We love macaroni and cheese and we have tried several recipes this past week. We are still looking for our favorite one.

Eli is just as happy as ever. He was a little bit sick again and started to lose his voice. We never knew if this was a bad thing or a blessing, just kidding. We felt so bad for the poor kid. He now seems to be completely recovered and does not stop talking. He definitely has a lot to say, I have no idea where he gets that from! He is still growing up way too fast and is finally growing out of his 0-3 month clothes. It is always sad to see such cute clothes get packed away and to realize that he is just getting so big.

Well now it is time for pictures. The time that we love most! Enjoy and I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

The special cheese that I guess you need to make macaroni and cheese

Eli is so excited to try oatmeal

He loved it

Come on dad, give me more!

Alex making mozzarella cheese take 2

It worked! Look at all that cheese!

My hands are so much fun to chew on

Lets see if I can fit both of my hands in my mouth at the same time

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Rice Cereal Experience

Since Eli is now 4 months old he is able to start eating solid foods. We were so excited for him to start eating rice cereal!!! We were hoping that once he started eating solid foods he would gain some weight. At this 4 month appointment he only weighed 10 pounds. He is in the 0 percentile for his weight and just a small guy!!!! We love him. So we tried the rice cereal and it turned out to be one interesting experience.

He loved playing with the packaging that came around the rice cereal

Needless to say, it was a terrifying experience for little Eli. Don't fear! We will try again and hopefully it will be a better experience. Poor guy! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Crazy Hallam Adventures

Its been a really long time since I have posted anything and I apologize for that. We have been so busy lately with trying to make sure that we get the most out of our summer, starting school, a growing baby boy, and with me quitting work. It has been one crazy ride let me tell ya.  But we have lots of good stories to tell and lots of picture to share. So sit back and relax and enjoy.

Eli has recently decided that sucking on his hand is way better than a binkie. It is also louder. 

Eli still is not the biggest fan of tummy time. We try, but he gets so mad at us and gives us looks like these. 

I got new shoes and love them. They are called the Nike Free Runs and they make my feet so happy. They are so light weight and my feet just love them to death. Why have I not tried these sooner?
We also went to Rexburg Rapids the last week of the summer break. Rexburg Rapids is a small water park that they built here with a lazy river, kiddy pool, and water slides. It was a lot of fun and this was Eli's first time swimming. He didn't mind it too much. The funniest part was when he came out of the water because he was just so chatty.

Steven made a really big splash coming down from the water slides

Steven and Stephanie Melancon also surprised us by coming back a week earlier than they had said!!! We were so excited and it was such a great surprise. We love hanging out with them which is what we do on a daily basis it seems like. While they were away living in South Dakota, they bought a moped!!!! It is super awesome! We drove it around the parking lot and now Alex is convinced he NEEDS one.

Its even his favorite color. 

We also went to the Eastern Idaho County fair. It was so much and fun and the food was delicious!!! Eli enjoyed being out in the sun and found a new toy!!!! A napkin!!!!

He has this look all the time. It's his thinking look. He gets it from his father! I LOVE IT!
Its a twirly potato thing!


Look at all the nacho cheese on there

He loved this napkin

He loves to stand. He feels like such a big boy.
Alex has also recently started a new hobby, it's called studying for the MCAT!!! YAY! He is so excited, but this is definitely going to be one crazy semester. With work, school, studying for the MCAT, and making time for a wife and is he going to do it all???? Well he is SUPERMAN so that is how to plans to accomplish everything! It will definitely be tough but it will be worth it.

These are all of his MCAT books. I think he was most excited to order and open these up.

Eli also got another new toy this week. He got a BUMBO. He did get one of the new ones because all of the old ones were recalled because babies were falling out of them. SCARY! So this one has a seatbelt built into it and he absolutely loves it! I just put him in the BUMBO while I am doing stuff and he will sit there for a while and will be completely content. It is so nice!

He has the cutest little smile

This morning Alex tried making his own homemade cheese. For those of you who don't know, Alex is addicted to cheese. If he could have his house made of cheese he would, but then he would no longer have a house because he would eat it all. His first attempt was not the best but he did get a little piece of cheese out of the big pot. He decided next time that he would only make a little at first before trying to go too big. I told him go big or go home.

And to end such a wonderfully long post, we have a video of Eli. And yes it is because he is so stinkin cute! He was sitting in his BUMBO and Alex was playing the guitar and Eli was making all these cute cooing sounds! It was like he was singing along to the music! We love him and love watching him grow! Hope all of your have a fabulous week!