Monday, July 16, 2012

Heads Up!!!!

Eli hates tummy time. It is his worst enemy. He can stand it for about 10 minutes tops before life starts to get horrible, but we still practice with him anyways. Lately he has been getting better at holding his head up while he is on his tummy. He is growing up way to fast.

Look how happy he looks...

....then life got hard
This is also Alex's last week of the semester. He has worked so hard. It has been tough with all of the homework that he has and having a baby in the middle of the semester. I am always impressed with this man and so proud of all the work that he does! I just love him to pieces.

I have to sneak pictures of him as often as I can because he never lets me take pictures of him. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday and has a great week!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eli's Best Friend

This past weekend my best friend Emily and her husband Dan and her daughter Audrey came up to visit us! It was a blast. Audrey is about 3 months older than Eli but they seemed to get along just great. They would play with each other and when one would cry then the other felt  the need to cry as well. It was hilarious and a very fun weekend. We love hanging out with them.

Audrey would play with Eli's foot and Eli thought it was so funny to watch her try to catch his foot.

I love these! They are just adorable!

They started playing the moment they woke up

The very first outfit that I bought Eli when I found out I was having a boy was this onesie and it is now just starting to fit him! Yay Eli for growing!

A bit of a milk mouth
Eli's other best friend is his dad. He thinks that Alex is the coolest thing that roams this planet. His eyes light up when he sees Alex and when he can see Alex within his vision, he will make sure to follow him with his eyes. When he can no longer see Alex, he starts to whine. It is the cutest thing in the world.

I love Eli's face in this one

This video is of Eli. Yeah he is cute, he doesn't do too much but in this video he is practicing his running to keep up with his dad and his touch down move. He is adorable! We love him to pieces.

Eli also found a toy. He liked the paper towel roll and he loved having it on his hand. He would fling it off, then look at it, and put his little pout on his face and whine until I put it back on. I hope that when he is older he will be as entertained by a paper towel roll as he has been, but I have no hope for that.

I hope everyone is enjoying their wonderful week and enjoying the wonderful sunshine for a fantastic summer.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our Two Month Old Baby

I know this is about a week late but Eli had his baby blessing last weekend and it was so much fun. Alex and I both had our families in town and it was fun to have everyone together for such a wonderful event. Grandma Hallam made him a cute little blessing outfit with the cutest blue bow.

It has been so much fun to have Claire here for all of this. 

Alex and his baby boy! They are so cute!

The Hallam's

The Loughe's


Yeah he is pretty cute. Alex and I also had a fun time with our families by making a trip to Mesa Falls in Asthon, Idaho. It was so pretty. We went up there and took a picnic lunch and saw the falls. They were gorgeous and it was so much fun to just hang out all together.

This is my baby sister Toria. We get told all the time that we look like twins. I don't see it.

The River

Upper Mesa Falls

Colin, Tori, and me with baby Eli at Mesa Falls

Alex and his mom

Anjahli, Shannon and Tori

Eli thought it was so much fun playing with his dad in the car

Then Alex stopped playing with him and Eli needed to get his attention

He was so worn out

I also think that Eli is just the funnest little baby to take pictures of. I guess that is a good thing because he is my baby. He does so many funny things lately and it so much fun to see him grow up everyday. WARNING: Lots of pictures are about to come your way and they are ADORABLE!

Super Baby!

I love his little bib

I am so strong

Just hanging with mom

I love my binkie

Look at this cute Mickey Mouse outfit from Aunt Donna

I love to pull my hair and scream really loud and not let go

Peaceful Baby

Alex's mom told me a story about when she told Alex to go to his room and think about it when he did something wrong. So Alex went to his bed and put his hand under his chin and told his mom he was thinking about it. We told Eli to just think about it when he was crying. He got quiet in a couple of minutes and we went to check on him and this is what he was doing. 

Alex loves to read stories to Eli but never lets me take pictures so I snuck a picture.

This was the first time he put himself to sleep in his crib.

Tummy Time

Happy Baby

He loves his new swing.

This is his famous pout! How can you say no to a face like that!

Yes, this is how he fell asleep.