Friday, March 30, 2012

32 weeks

Well people we have reached 32 weeks. We have about 8 weeks left until Baby Hallam makes his big debut. We are getting more and more excited as the days go on. Alex keeps laughing at me and telling me that I am going through my nesting stage right now. I just keep trying to prepare to have the baby. Cleaning up the house and trying to get the baby room in order. I moved an organizer that we had in our closet into the baby's room so that we can keep things  bit more organized in there.

I had the hardest time buying the colored drawers. I walked around Target forever just trying to decide what colors would look okay in there because they did not have my navy blue and orange colors. I am finding that the more pregnant I am the more indecisive I become as well. And also here are some pictures of my baby bump as well. It just keeps growing and growing. I can't even believe that it will get even bigger. It crazy!

The month of March has been a super crazy one for the Hallam family here in Idaho. First of all one of our favorite holidays happened this month. We love St. Patrick's Day. When we started dating, Alex introduced me to a drink that we have made a tradition on our St. Patrick's Days. The beloved Shamrock Shake. Alex will not let me have it any other day of the month besides St. Patrick's Day. It was so hard not to get one before but that is just what we do and when we did get them we were just too excited! It definitely made our day.

Alex was so excited to drink his Shamrock Shake that he didn't even want to look at the camera. He said it was like a leprechauns dancing which means that it is delicious! Alex cracks me up so much! We love Shamrock Shake time of year. We also have had the opportunity to use our grill this semester. Our friends Brett and Sheree Bingham brought us some steaks from the Bingham Farm. They were SOOOO good!!!! We had fun chatting with them. Brett and Alex used to be roommates and it is always fun to catch up with each other and keep in contact with them.

Alex would not let me take a picture of him but I promise that is him playing with the grill. He likes it when he gets to use his toys. They were delicious and I don't think I can look at another steak in my life because I know that it won't be as good. Today was also a very tragic day. I burned some bread. Alex was stressed out due to the end of semester homework dump and I wanted to make him happy. So I made him some wheat bread and took some to him. Then I was hoping to have a fresh loaf for him when he got home and this was the result.

It was burned. I made two loaves of bread and the first one I took to Alex and while I was there I totally forgot that I had left the second loaf in the oven. My neighbors tried to break into my house to get it out but there was no luck. So I had to come home as fast as possible to get it out and it was burned. I guess it is a good thing that they could not break into my apartment, but not good when there is something I need out of my stove. The moral of the story is make sure your neighbors know how to break into your house....or just take out the bread when it needs to come out of the oven.

Alex presented his research yesterday. He won second place!!! I was so proud of him. I could try to tell you what his presentation was about but there are so many big words that I do not understand, but it has to do with the mink and all of the research that he has been doing for Brother Hunt. I am glad that he is enjoying himself in the lab. It is fun to see him in there.

Okay this post is is becoming way too long, but there is something super exciting that I found at Big Lots this past week that totally made my life. If anyone knows me at all, they know that I absolutely love Funfetti cake. I love it so much that I made it my wedding cake. It is delicious, colorful, and fun. How could you not love it. So I went to Big Lots to get a snack because I seem to be hungry all the time lately and this is what I found.

AMAZING!!!! My life is now complete and I will die a happy woman. What more could I want. And yes they were delicious! I ate all of them over a span of two days.

Well that is our eventful March. sorry if this is long and boring but we find ourselves pretty entertaining in our daily adventures. We hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oh What a Glorious Day to Spend with Friends

Yesterday was an awesome day! Alex and I woke up and the sun was shinning in our faces and we knew that it was going to be a good day. We kind of lounged around the house in the morning and Alex did some math homework while I cleaned up and ate breakfast. Then Alex went out golfing with the boys while I finished getting ready for my baby shower! My neighbors threw me an amazing baby shower and it was so much fun to see people all together. They were all so generous and loving and I could not ask for better friends. Here are some highlights from the baby shower!

Then after the baby shower we went to the ward activity which was delicious! Our bishop makes the best meat around town. Which is good because meat preparation is one of the classes that he teaches. It was fun to see everyone in the ward and enjoy their company. We have a great ward. Then Elizabeth and I decided to go to Idaho Falls. She wanted to go to Wet Seal and get these amazing V-neck t-shirts that they have on sale there. I got them a couple of days ago and then Francisca went and got some and then Elizabeth wanted some too. They are the most comfy t-shirts out there! Wet Seal had some great business this past week. I had to stop by WinCo to get some produce. We were out of bananas and Alex swore that the world was going to end. So of course we had to get him some more bananas. We cannot have his world ending now he has too much to do. When I came home, we went to Francisca's house to get the pictures from our fun filled day. We chatted for the longest time and it was fun to have some girl time. I am so blessed to have such great friends around me all the time. My neighbors and I have been together for about a year or more now and we just become closer and closer and I could not ask for better neighbors. I am so completely blessed.

Alex also had a fun day as well. He absolutely loved going golfing with the guys. They loved being out in the sun. All of them got sunburned and then I looked at Alex and he was just tan. This morning he is a bit red but he is definitely starting a nice farmers tan. When we went to the ward activity he was so excited to take his frisbee out with him to throw around. After he ate he went outside with the guys and threw around the frisbee. He loves anytime that he can be out it in the sun. He spent the rest of the day just relaxing while I was out and about. He has been loving the television show House and borrowed the first season from our neighbors. It was nice to see him relax yesterday. He always works so hard and it stressed out so much so it was nice to see him relax and it was a day of relaxation that was well needed. Now he is ready to finish off the semester with a bang!

We are both so grateful for all of the friends and family that we have in our lives. We could not ask for a better life and know that we are blessed to the highest capacity!

So we are at 31 weeks for this pregnancy! I cannot even believe it. We are finally down to the single digits for weeks. 9 weeks left!!!!! Sometimes I feel like we are not prepared yet, but when are you ever really completely prepared to have children? We are so excited for our little baby boy to come though. We are just so curious what he looks like. This will definitely be one life adventure that we will never forget.

Here is a picture at of the girls. We just have too much fun together. They are the ones that threw me my amazing baby shower.

And here are they boys. They are all completely little kids at heart. Its fun to see them laugh together all the time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life is One Crazy Ride

Life is just moving way too fast. We are 30 weeks into this pregnancy now. 30 weeks!!!!! I can't even believe that. Hopefully about 10 more weeks until we can meet our cute little baby boy! We have finally seriously discussed names and I think that we have found that one that we liked. But it will stay a secret until the baby is born. We are not telling a soul. That is not the easiest thing for me, but that is the way Alex wants it. Here are some 30 week belly pictures. It is finally growing I promise. The pictures don't do it justice but there is a belly.

He is a little guy, but definitely there. He is super active and kicking all the time. He loves it when Alex plays his guitar. It's great. Alex has also been deciding what schools he would like to apply to the next upcoming semester. It will be weird to be out of Rexburg. Out of Idaho. But I guess at some point we will have to move on.
We are also planning our trip to Colorado in about a month. That will be exciting because I have not been home in about a year. And yes that is a long time. It will be nice to be around the mountains again and hopefully go to a COLORADO ROCKIES game! Those are my favorite. Just taking some peanuts to the game and enjoying the sun....if there is any. It is one of the greatest things about Colorado.
March Madness is also happening right now. Alex and I were so excited to make our brackets. I am not sure if this is Alex's first bracket but it was our first bracket together and we definitely have a difference of opinions. He has North Carolina winning it all and I have Syracuse winning it all. We will have to wait and see what happens in the end!
Well I think that is all that we are up to for now. Sorry that we live some boring lives, but we are enjoying everyday of it and living life the the fullest. We are enjoying each other and our soon to be baby. Life is good!