Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pop Rocks!

I can't believe that the candy pop rocks are still still around. I used to eat this candy as as a kid and absolutely loved them. If you do not remember what they look like this is what they are.

They are amazing and so much fun! To hear the fizzle and the POPS in your mouth and not to mention they are delicious! I am so glad that they are still around so that my kids can enjoy them. I bought some for Alex for Valentine's day and he decided to share them with Eli. Eli loved them, I think because he was sharing them with his dad, and thought they were so much fun! Our baby boy is so cute!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moving Around and Learning SOOO Much

Eli is growing up so fast! I have no idea what happened between his 6 and 9 months of life he gets funnier and funnier and is constantly learning new things. He makes noises all the time, moves really fast, and laughs constantly. We could not have asked for a better child. His smile and laugh are completely contagious!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


We have had lots of snow in Rexburg this past winter and decided that it would be a fun time to take Eli sledding for the first time. Alex and Steven had a blast and Eli was less than amused! Enjoy the pictures!

awww poor baby

He would whine every time he was on a sled. I guess the cold is not Eli's favorite thing in the world. Eli has also discovered his thumb recently and has decided that it is pretty cool to chew on.

He is just too cute

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dance Baby Dance!

For some reason when Eli hears this song on his toy he decides to shake his little booty and it is so cute! I don't know if he is trying to dance but it sure looks like it and it makes us laugh! We just love this boy so much!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let's Learn the Splits

Eli has been learning to pull himself up on things and then try to walk across them. Last night we were cleaning and trying to get ready for Sunday and then all of the sudden we hear Eli whining and was wondering what was going on. We found him next to the table doing this......

He is so cute! I couldn't tell if he was in pain or if he was having fun! It so much fun to see our little man grow everyday. His first tooth is growing through and that explains the late night hours he has been wanting to have. Life is the best adventure when we have Eli around! Love him!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm A Big Boy!

Eli now thinks that he is indestructible. He likes to crawl everywhere, eat everything, hit his head on everything possible and stick his finger in the most dangerous places possible (electrical outlets). We now have a baby on the move that has to constantly be watched. It is definitely an adventure and we LOVE IT! We love him and all the joy that he brings into our life. Life is definitely crazy with a baby on the loose while trying to do homework or study for a test but we would not trade it for the world. He also got a high chair this past week and loves to be able to sit next to us while we are eating. He can now feed himself multi grain cheerios but for some reason cannot grab any other food and put it in his mouth. He will pull himself up on the couch, walk across, get to the end, and get very confused because he does not know where to go. It is so much fun to watch him learn new things. It is different teaching him things that are so second nature for us. It is time for us to go back to the basics so we can teach him all about life. I hope all of you had a great SUPERBOWL weekend.

I was in the bedroom reading a book for class and heard all of this noise out in the living and I came out and Alex and Eli were putting his high chair together. They had some fun bonding time. 

Eli loves to help with the dishes