Friday, December 30, 2011

The Biggest Loser, Strawberries, and Cantelope. What more could you want?

There has been a television show that I have been absolutely obsessed with. I do not think that this is a bad show to be obsessed with either. It is.....

This show is the best and I love to see how much weight people can lose. They are amazing and they have such fun life stories. My husband always laughs at me because I am always eating something unhealthy while watching this show. So tonight we decided to change that. I am always in the mood to watch the biggest loser, but this time we had a healthier snack. Well mostly healthy.

We had strawberries and cantelope! We also made a delicious cheesecake dip to go with it. Well I like the dip but it is too rich for Alex. All you have to do to make the dip is take a regular tub of whip cream and mix cheesecake dry pudding mix and milk. Oh my goodness it was delicious! It is always fun to watch this show and see what Alex and I could be doing to become healthier. I would like to one day own the biggest loser cookbook so that I can make healthier meals.

The new season of The Biggest Loser starts on January 3rd and guess who is going to be on The Biggest Loser this time????

Its SANTA!!!!! I am so excited! And you know that I am going to be rooting for Santa the entire season. It will be so sad if he goes home, but we will see how long he will last! I am so excited!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh the cravings!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas because we sure did! We are so blessed to have so much in life. Well recently Alex has had to deal with my different cravings and I thought that I would share with all of you a little of what he has been going through lately. There are three main things that I can constantly have that have not made me sick yet.

For some reason, only the stackers seem to appeal to me. I still have no idea why. 

 Mashed potatoes with corn. This is the best meal EVER! And what makes it even better is that there are always potatoes in Idaho!

ORANGE JUICE! I have always liked orange juice but not this much. I am typically a milk person, but have now been addicted to orange juice.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. The new school year is about to start and Alex is super excited. He is excited to take a computer science class and a math class. He also has his biology classes which he is always excited for. He is thrilled to get back into the lab and start researching some more stuff. He has enjoyed being in the gym and training for a half Iron Man. I love him. He is the best. I am so grateful that I have had him around over the break because he is just so much fun to be around. Always putting a smile on my face no matter what he does.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Room Ideas

Since finding out that we were pregnant I have been super anxious to decorate and baby room and buy baby stuff. It is hard to complete this task when you don't know the sex yet so I am so excited to find out the sex of our baby in about 2 WEEKS! I have come up with some ideas though that I have run by Alex. There is one that he agrees on and the only blue and orange for Boise State colors. Luckily, the Denver Broncos have the same colors and mascot so that makes it perfect for a baby boys room. He would like to have the same color schemes for a girl, but I said no. For a girls room I would like to have yellow, gray, and white. I think that it would look cute and awesome. So I have been searching the internet long and hard to find what I would like to do and these are some of the cute things that I have found so far.

Cute huh? Now I just have to wait two more weeks so I can actually go out and buy stuff and start planning. We do have a second bedroom that we are trying to clean out, but it is just hard. We have a lot of stuff in our second bedroom and getting rid of it is not as easy as we thought. We have one big item in that bedroom that we love and do not want to take down. We are thinking that we are just going to leave it in there for the baby to live with. That thing is our...

SHELF RELIANCE! We love it to death and this is where we keep all of our food storage. There is no way that we can take it down now. So we have to play around with the idea of maybe moving somewhere else in our tiny apartment or something. Alex says just to leave it there so incase the baby gets hungry then they can just eat the canned foods....I don't think that is going to work out to well. Well that is all of the updates that we have for now. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the wonderful Christmas time!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

We're Pregnant!

On Thursday October 4th, we found out that I was PREGNANT! Yes this is a super exciting time in our lives and we are definitely stoaked! As of today I am 17 weeks along And cannot wait until week 39 or whenever it is that the baby comes. Our last unltrasound was on November the 12th and we were able to hear the heartbeat. A strong 153 bpm. That means that we have one HEALTHY and STRONG baby! Our next appointment will be on the 10th of January and we will be able to find out the sex. This is all such a whirlwind experience but exciting at the same time.Here are some pictures from an ultrasound that we had on the 13th of November. Seeing ultrasounds make it so real because we are actually able to see the baby and see it move around. CRAZY!!! I cannot believe how fast life goes by. The due date that we currently have from the doctor is May 24th and we cannot wait for that day (or week) to come!

Isn't my baby so cute! We cannot wait to find out the sex to start planning....alright I guess that is me that wants to start planning. Alex is just excited to see the baby! That is all of the baby updates for now! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Recent Life Updates

Well life is finally slowing down for a second and it is time to update everyone about what has been going on lately. In October we found out that I was pregnant and am due at the end of May. If you want updates about that, please click on our baby tab to see pictures and find out more about what is going on there. We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past year. We stayed in Rexburg, Idaho for Thanksgiving because I had to work the wonderful BLACK FRIDAY! Our neighbors, the Andrus's, also decided to stay here in Idaho because it was a very short break from school. So we had a fantastic Thanksgiving with them and their friends from Oregon named Andrew and Emily. It was so much fun and we had so much food. Alex was in charge of the TURKEY! He has so much fun doing it and he was so proud of himself. I was super proud of him too. I could not even imagine trying to make a huge bird taste good. Here are some pictures from that fantastic day.

This is Alex's wonderful turkey that he spent more than 24 hours working on. He is such a hard worker and it tasted SO good. If he make s a turkey this well, I wonder what other foods he can make really well.

 This is all of the other wonderful food that we had. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, homemade bread, jello hearts, tons of different cheeses, chocolate covered strawberries, ghiradelli chocolates, stuffing gravy, this amazing fruit drink that Andrew and Emily made and so much more. We are so thankful to have such amazing neighbors, friends, and family. We are truly blessed.

 And this is a man that I am super thankful for. He always makes me laugh and is the most amazing husband that I could ever ask for. Who could ask for more? DEFINITELY NOT ME! I have everything that I could ever want and live a great life. I love him!

Now that this past school semester is over, we are ready for the new year to begin! We are excited to have this break from school to spend time with each other and focus on the goals that we have made. This next year Alex will be training for a half Iron Man and I will be focusing on being pregnant. We are excited for the adventures that are to come our way.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Again, trying to make the blog look nice and get used to changing things on the blog, not as easy as we thought. It takes a lot of work to be blog savvy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

One of my favorite pictures of Chelsea
My wife is not home right now so I can say all sorts of things about her and she can't do anything about it.  I am lucky that I found her.  She is my best friend.  I pray that life is good to her.  She means everything to me.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A lesson learned in Capstone

Today was a very interesting day in our capstone class. Last Tuesday we received a group assignment. We had been recently talking about immigration laws and we were supposed to come up with, as a group, a new immigration law. He was not going to tell us who was in our group. The only way that we would be able to figure this out was if we posted on  the discussion board on Brainhoney. It seems simple enough right!? WRONG! Everyone was so angry about this assignment and let me just tell you why.

1) Some people did not post on their discussion board early enough and were not able to meet with their group.
2) People had prior engagements and did not post on the discussion board at all
3) There was not enough time to complete the assignment
4) If you missed class then you did not know what the assignment was or how to complete the assignment
5) There was only one day to complete the assignment and that was not enough time

The arguments could last forever but this is just a couple of the problems that were mentioned in class. So, the question that Brother Hunt asked us was, what do we do about it? How do we give someone a grade for this assignment. Some people felt that they deserved the grade because they did work. Others felt like the assignment should be dropped because they were confused or they did not have time to meet with their or something along those lines. This debate went on for a while a people were just angry.

Then Brother Hunt pulled out the big guns! This was an assignment but not graded on out presentation. He wanted us to learn that we have biases in our arguments all the time. Some people that that it was fair to grade the presentations while others did not and this was based on the bias of our certain situations. His point was that it is hard for us not to be bias when we are in the situation. It is hard for us to make decisions for other people when we know that something is fair but we want to help ourselves out. Another point that I thought was interesting that he made was that when we start to feel guilty about something, Satan works on us and causes us to start to blame other people. When we blame other people, this is not being Christlike.

I think also what I learned from this lesson was to take responsibility for things. This was an assignment and there should have been things that I needed to get done. At this stage in our lives, school is a major priority. A priority that should not be pushed away.

I am very grateful for Brother Hunt and the lessons that he teaches us everyday. He has blessed our lives so much not only in this class but in many other ways as well!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Frosted Meatloaf

Today I was craving meatloaf. I do not know what this sudden urge was. Probably because I have been moving things around and found a meatloaf recipe book that I got from Srta. Gaspers. I was flipping through it and found this amazing looking meatloaf and I made it today and I personally think that it turned out GREAT!

It was amazing and fantastic and I recommend it to you all. I also made two cakes in my baking class today. I now have to keep them in the freezer until next Monday when we will be decorating them. Alex spent a lot of time in the lab today but he enjoys it which is always a plus!
Well that is all for now. Nothing new to report expect for a happy stomach filled with mashed potatoes and meatloaf!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!!!!

Well today is father's day and I have to say that it is a lovely Sunday. Alex got new clubs a couple of weeks ago and we got him a new driver yesterday. It is a Taylormade 09 Burner Driver (Thank you Sports Authority for that knowledge). He is loving it so much and it is so cute!

He is a very attractive man
Alex and his amazing swing...he is working on it

He was so excited to get out this morning and try this out. We had to make sure that we went far enough away though so he did not hit any car, houses, or persons. That would not be good news. When he hit the ball the first time it went really far. From my knowledge of golf, that is a good thing. We are very grateful for Jeremy at work who knows a lot about golf and was about to help us pick out an amazing club.

We have been married for about ten and a half months now and I was kind of getting sick of our apartment and how we have things arranged in our apartment. I decided that it was time for some rearrangement. I am starting in our bedroom. I went to this really cute shop in Idaho Falls called Rod & Vinyl. They are shutting down so I was grateful that a lot of their stuff was 20% - 80% off. It made me feel more content about buying it. I think that the results turned out really cute! Check it out!

I personally think that it turned out really cute! We have our wedding pictures up for now but we will be taking new pictures in August so we will be replacing our wedding pictures with those ones. Hanging up these frames is not as easy as you think though. You cannot see it but I have made plenty of small holes in this wall because of my attempt to hang these up. It was tough.

Well Happy Father's Day to all of you amazing father's out there! We sure are grateful for all that you do!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping up with the Blog!!!!

This is not an easy task from going to day by day activities I thought that keeping up with this blog would be easy - FALSE!!!! Let's see if we can become better and keeping up with this. I will now update you about what has been going on in our lives lately.

Alex: Alex got back from Reno about a week ago. He had such a blast and was kind of stressed out to come back and get back into the school life because he missed so much. But he did absolutely amazing. Brother Hunt just gave him a new project to work on and he is super excited! He will be working with coyote poop. Personally I think that just sounds NASTY but I guess it is supposed to be very cool. This new project also gives Alex the opportunity to come up with a whole bunch of new puns about his day. Examples: "My job is crap...literally." and "A bunch of crap happens at work." I don't think this will ever end, but this is why I like him!

Me: As for me, I am just lugging right along with life trying not to die! Work is going great! Well I am there at least and sell stuff so I think that it is going okay. School is getting stressful still but we are almost done for this semester so that is a relief. I need to start planning for our Chicago trip that is coming up in July! We are super excited and vacations are always needed. I am trying to figure out the planning of classes for the rest of my life. I am now trying to figure out to get a math education minor as well. This means that I will be able to teach every subject but science and personally I think that is pretty cool!

Well that is all for now! This had better get easier because I think that this is just too cool!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Becoming Blog Savvy

I thought that this whole blog thing would be a lot easier but it has turned out to be more complicated than I thought. I am so blessed to have amazing neighbors and friends who seem to know everything about blogs and can help me make this amazing. I am excited to see how this will all turn out. Alex is really excited about it to. He says that I cannot make it too girly. This will be fun.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The day before school

Chelsea likes to play angry birds.  She is very excited for her baking class.  I hope she does well in her hard Spanish classes.  She will also be starting up work again.  She is a little excited to be with her co-workers again.